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Add API to vMix

This tutorial was done with latest vMix at the time (
It should work on previous versions too.
Select Data Source type you want to use.

1. Add new input
Add Input
2. Select Title / XAML
Select title
3. Select anything you want. For this demo, I will use Title 1 - Element Blue
Select text to use
4. Select Data Source
Select Datasource
5. Press manage
Select manage
6. Press on the ➕-sign and select XML
Add Source
7. In URL/Filename field, input the box you want to use. Please read API schema on how to use API.
For this demo, I will use OAJ Nose Day box.
Note!!!! XPath MUST include nosedaybox. Otherwise vMix fails to read data properly.
Add XML Source
Press OK to save this source.
8. Quickly set Update data every 1000 Milliseconds to 62000 milliseconds. Otherwise, you will be ratelimited for couple of minutes.
You can set any value you want, just make sure it's above 1 minute (60000 milliseconds) so you don't get ratelimited.
Modify update data rate
Once that is done, you can close this window.
9. From Data Source, select XML. Preview should automatically show the amount.
Data Source XML select
Press OK to close this window.
10. You should now see the amount on your Title and it updates every 62 seconds for latest data (if there is any).
Have fun!
Final product in XML