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Box is not showing up

If your box is not showing up on API, there could be few reasons for it.

  • Your box is recently created. Backend will update data every 10 minutes, so please be patient.
  • Your box includes Emojis on it's name. Due how backend works, emojis are not supported out of the box.
    If you have emojis in your box name, please contact [email protected] with your box name, so it can be manually added to a parser, which does emoji convertion for API.
  • The box simply does not exist. Please double check your input. Please read API schema for more info.

Decoder was last updated on 27.10.2022 at 16:40 EEST (Eastern European Summer Time).

If you have made changes to your box or have made one with emojis after last update, please contact email mentioned above.